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The Top Tourist Attractions around the Phoenix Area

Are you visiting the Phoenix area and wondering what attractions to check out? There are tons of great tourist stops in Phoenix, from local museums to beautiful nature trails.

We’ve gathered a few of the top places to stop during your time in the city to ensure that you experience all of the beauty and culture that Phoenix has to offer. Look into the highlights below, and plan your trip to the city!

Heard Museum

A piece of Navajo pottery.Founded in 1929, the Heard Museum focuses on American Indian Art, which has rich roots in the Phoenix area. Through the exhibits, artifacts, and celebrations, the Heard Museum aims to tell the stories of American Indians from their own point of view. The museum also works to collaborate with American Indian artists specifically from the Southwest area.

Browse the museum’s various changing, signature, and ongoing exhibits, and learn more about American Indian art from their award-winning exhibits.

Desert Botanical Garden

A closeup of an agave cactus.The Desert Botanical Garden features a beautiful array of native plants, and they also host a variety of events including plant sales, concerts, and food festivals. Take one of the garden tours to see another layer of the goings-on of the gardens, from a behind-the-scenes look at how the gardens work to an exploration of the local birds.

The Botanical Garden offers rotating exhibits that emphasize different elements of the plant life and wildlife within the gardens. They’re also involved in conservation efforts for desert plant species around the world and work to inform and educate visitors on how they can help.

Phoenix Zoo

Two giraffe headsWith over 3,000 animals and 400 different species, the Phoenix Zoo provides visitors with a memorable wildlife experience. The zoo houses many threatened and endangered species and works to maintain and manage their population.

Take a look at the Phoenix Zoo’s schedule, and plan your visit during one of their special events, like the Endangered Wildlife Art Show or Howl-O-Ween!

Camelback Mountain

Red rocks in Arizona.If you’re looking for one of the best views of the Phoenix skyline, hike up Camelback Mountain and take in the 360-degree views of the surrounding city. The trailheads are fairly difficult and ascend 1,420 feet to the hump-like summit of the mountain.

Experienced hikers can expect to see a variety of native wildlife on the trails, including desert tortoises, rattlesnakes, and prickly pear cacti. Make sure to pack some water and your camera for this stunning outing!

Papago Park

A sunset over Phoenix.For visitors wanting a hike but not one quite as difficult as Camelback Mountain, Papago Park is the perfect option. The trails here are relatively smooth and flat, so it’s ideal for a casual walk with great views. The park is just a short distance from Downtown Phoenix, and offers several fishing lagoons, can’t-miss sites, and picnic areas.

For an outdoor excursion within city limits, head to Papago Park and explore impressive natural sites and wildlife!

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