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How an Influx of Tech Jobs Have Changed the Phoenix Area

Over the past several years, the Phoenix metro area has been steadily growing as a tech hub. For those who already have or are looking to move to the area to pursue a job in this field, there are tons of great opportunities. In addition to the career choices, the Phoenix area has changed in a variety of ways since the big tech boom.

If you’re looking to move to the Phoenix metro area, then read on to find out more about how the city has changed in the past few years. Now a booming tech hub with expanding public transportation and a thriving housing market, Phoenix has never been a better place to call home.

Expanding Career Choices

A woman working at a mac.According to recent reports from 2017, tech jobs opportunities in Phoenix have grown 188 percent since 2016. The most popular and largest employers in the area include McKesson, Datashield, General Dynamics, and MST Solutions. Job positions here include data analysts, software engineers and developers, and project managers in companies like pharmaceutical firms and cybersecurity companies. For those with a few years under their belt, starting offers can range anywhere from $100,000 to $130,000 not including benefits.

It’s not just tech companies, though. With the growing population, careers in other fields are looking for new employees as well, including the healthcare industry, finance, and retail. Expect these companies and tech companies to invest millions more in the Phoenix metro area in the next few years.

A Growing Population

A group of people talking in an office. Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona and is quickly moving up the ranks in the country. It’s currently ranked as the 6th most populous city in the U.S. but is predicted to move up to #4 by the year 2020. In fact, the population has been growing by over 1.5% for the past five years.

With a growing population comes even more benefits, like a thriving local economy, expanding public works, and tons of new grocery stores and retail centers.. If you own a house in Phoenix, you can expect a quality return on your investment.

Expanding Public Transportation System

Seats on a bus. Though the public transportation in Phoenix hasn’t been known for its size, upcoming developments will greatly increase the effectiveness of the system. Thanks to a $6.4 million grant from the 2018 FTA Buses and Bus Facilities Infrastructure Investment program, Phoenix will be adding 15 new state-of-the-art buses to the city’s public transportation system.

Needing a car in the metro area is becoming less and less necessary thanks to advances in bus and rail system in the city!

Bustling Housing Market

A beautiful homeOf course, with an increase in population like Phoenix has experienced, the housing market has gone through quite the boom. Home values in Phoenix have increased by 7.7% in the past few years, but prices are still fairly affordable.

The median cost of a home sits around the $216,00 price range, which is less expensive than many other parts of the country, so finding your home here is easier than ever!

Find Your New Home in Phoenix

With the flourishing job market and expanding community, Phoenix has never been a better place to call home. Find your perfect place in this growing tech hub today!

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