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A Senior’s Guide to Scottsdale Retirement Communities & Living

Arizona is at the top of many soon-to-be retirees’ list of ideal states—and for good reason. The warm weather, the dry climate, and the low cost of living draw many retirees down from the north to escape harsh winters, snow, and high prices.

In particular, the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale is considered to be a retiree’s paradise. In fact, Wallethub ranks Scottsdale as #2 on its list of Top Cities for Retirement in the US. But what truly makes Scottsdale such a great place to retire?

There’s Something for Everyone in Scottsdale

hiking in scottsdale

Though located just a few short miles from Phoenix, the city of Scottsdale has its own vibe, as well as a resort-like package of amenities. There are spas to relax in, golf courses to play a few rounds, mountains to hike, and nightclubs to dance the night away. Plus, the warm, dry weather allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities all throughout the year.

Scottsdale is Affordable

affordable living in scottsdale

Beyond the entertainment value, Scottsdale is a great choice for retirees looking to stretch their retirement income and savings as far as possible. According to SmartAsset, Arizona is a tax-friendly state—Social Security benefits are not taxed, so you can count on keeping the entirety of your check in your pocket.

Property taxes are also low by national standards (.87% to 1.5% of market value). And of note, groceries are exempt from the Arizona sales tax, which can produce for major annual savings for residents.

Scottsdale is Ideal for Older Residents

healthcare for seniors in scottsdale

Scottsdale is fun. Scottsdale is affordable. And Scottsdale is well-equipped to create comfort and convenience for retiring and aging residents. Its high concentration of older residents, low crime rates, and excellent health care facilities make it a haven for retirees. Hospitals in Scottsdale receive excellent ratings from patients.

Scottsdale Has Excellent Retirement Communities

happy seniors living in scottsdale

A retirement community, often referred to as a “55-plus” or “Active Adult” community, is a neighborhood built especially for residents at or nearing retirement age. A retirement community can be comprised of single-family homes, townhomes, condos, or apartments. Some communities are gated for added levels of security.

Because of its high concentration of retirees, Scottsdale also boasts a large number of retirement and Active Adult communities.

Why Choose an Active Adult Community?

What are the benefits of choosing a 55+ community over a less age-targeted neighborhood? Active Adult communities have many benefits, from health and wellness to social interactions. Here are a few reasons to choose Active Adult living.

There are Lots of Amenities

working out at a fitness facility at an active adult community

Because retirement communities are designed for the health and wellbeing of seniors, they typically come jam-packed full of amenities. These may include recreational amenities, such as pools, fitness centers, or tennis courts, as well as social amenities, like clubs and organizations or planned activities.

It’s Low-Maintenance Living

landscaping included in active adult living

Additionally, many retirement communities provide much of the community’s exterior maintenance and landscaping for residents. This might include exterior building maintenance, landscaping and lawn mowing, roof maintenance, termite extermination, or possibly even limited insurance.

Homes are Designed for Comfortable Aging

homes with comfortable features

Homes in retirement communities are often built with Universal Design principles in mind. Universal design homes are homes built to accommodate the changing health and mobility needs of seniors. Amenities found in these homes might include no-step entryways, single-level floor plans, wider doorways, and open-concept layouts with extra floor space. In other words, they’re homes than can be lived in for years to come.

Retirement Living is Not Assisted Living

scottsdale assisted living

Unlike Assisted Living communities that provide on-site medical care and daily assistance, retirement communities are designed for healthy and independent retirees.

If you currently have or anticipate having complex health needs or concerns with mobility, you may want to consider moving to an assisted living facility. Assisted living communities have staff members to assist with the activities of daily living such as managing medications, keeping up with housework, cooking, or even bathing.

Ready to Find Your Retirement Home in Scottsdale?

Real estate agents can play an invaluable role in helping you understand the different senior living options available to you in Scottsdale. They can help ensure the retirement communities you are interested in include homes designed to meet your present and future needs.

Ready to get started? Contact your local experts at S4 Group today! We would love to hear from you and help you find your dream retirement home.

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