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Buying or Selling in Phoenix? Here’s Why You Should Work with an Agent

When you’re buying or selling a home, it might be tempting to go it alone. For sellers, they might be hoping to avoid the cost of commission fees. For buyers, they might just think they have the skills do it themselves.

In reality, working with an agent will end up saving you time, money, and stress—but don’t take our word for it. Check out these top reasons why you should work with an agent during your real estate experience in Phoenix!

We Know the Area

Downtown Phoenix.

For buyers, especially ones who might not know the area very well, navigating the suburbs and neighborhoods of Phoenix can be overwhelming. Do you want to live somewhere with cozy cul-de-sacs and tree-lined streets? Or a neighborhood close to the best shopping and dining in the city? Or a home just steps away from stunning natural areas?

Whatever your wants and needs may be, we can help. We’ve been working and living in the Phoenix area for years, so we know the ins and outs of each corner of the city.

We Can Navigate Competitive Market Conditions

A house.

Currently, the Phoenix area—and the country as a whole—is experiencing some pretty unique market conditions. Mortgage rates are at a shocking low, standing just around 3.8% and marking the lowest rates since 2016. Not only that, but the rates are expected to keep falling, which could make for record lows.

For buyers and sellers, this is both good and bad news. More buyers will likely start seriously looking for homes, and more sellers will likely be listing to take advantage of the action. But with an increased demand and lower rates, prices are expected to rise quickly.

We’ll Help You Stand Out

Buyers receiving keys to their house.

Piggybacking on those market conditions, you’ll need someone to help you stand out amongst the action. If you’re buying, you’ll probably be competing against multiple offers, and if you’re selling, you’ll probably be competing against multiple similar homes.

That’s where we come in. For buyers, we can make your offer unique enough to separate yourself from the competition. For sellers, we’ll make sure your home is properly priced and staged, both of which typically lead to faster sales and higher prices.

We’ll Advocate for You

People meeting.

Once you’ve finally found a home and started negotiations, you’ll have to navigate opposing interests, some of which may work directly against your wants and needs. Maybe the buyer is demanding too much money for repairs, or the seller has contingencies based on when they find a new house.

We’ll represent your best interests, whether you’re a buyer or seller, working to make sure the sale goes through on your timeline and in your preferred price range.

Enlist Our Help During Your Real Estate Journey

If you’re gearing up to enter the Phoenix real estate market, whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, the S4 Group is here to help. Browse our buying and selling resources, explore our in-depth area guides, and give us a call when you’re ready to get started.

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