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Coping with Relocation? These Books May Help.

Relocating to a new area comes with a lot of exciting new possibilities—but it can also be a very challenging transition, especially for kids, teens, and spouses. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there designed to help get you (and your family) through the relocation process.

Relocating to the Phoenix area? Check out some of our favorite books on coping with relocation.

For Parents: The Essential Moving Guide for Families

This guide by Sara Elizabeth Boehm is great for parents who want to take steps make the process of relocation easier on their children while also emphasizing the opportunities available to them in a new place. Moving doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing process, and Boehm outlines how to go through relocation as a family.

For Teens: The Essential Moving Guided Journal for Teens

Teenagers are already going through a lot at this point in life, which can make relocation a more difficult process. This guided journal encourages teens to work out their feelings even if they feel pulled in countless different directions. Also written by Boehm, this journal is top rated on Amazon and helps teens throughout the entire moving process.

For Pre-Teens: The Essential Moving Guided Journal for Pre-teens

This guided journal and activity book is similar to the one for teens mentioned above. However, this edition addresses the unique struggles of pre-teens during this transitional time in their life. Not only does it guide them during the move, but it also has portions for after the move that will help them adjust to their new life. Games and activities will help make relocation seem more like an adventure than a crisis.

Additionally, for younger children, we recommend: The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day

And for adults without children: The Essential Moving Guide

Looking to move? Let us help.

The S4 Group is comprised of a team of expert agents that know Phoenix better than anyone else. We are here to help you through your transition, whether you are a Phoenix native or if you’re looking to relocate to Arizona. We even have relocation and family transition specialists to make the process easier on you and your loved ones. Have any questions? Contact us now to start your next journey!

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